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Re: No equiv to SHG?!?

rovingtim wrote:

Bao Ha wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

Bao Ha wrote:

I think the M.Zuiko Pro is equivalent to the Zuiko HG. There is no equivalent to the SHG in the M.Zuiko, yet(?).

How is a weather-sealed constant aperture f2.8 internal focusing lens not equiv to a 4/3rds SHG lens?

Also, 'SHG' could be about excellent optical quality rather than sheer size resulting from crazy combinations of focal lengths and apertures.

In the focal range of 12-40mm, I would expect the aperture to be constant f/2.0 to qualify as a SHG lens.

I think that would qualify as "sheer size resulting from crazy combinations of focal lengths and apertures."

But even so, it's already available in the form of a 14-35 f2. Why duplicate? If you desire something that big, size and weight isn't an issue for you anyway.

Personally, I'm thrilled they resisted the f2 lure.

The only SHG lens I have is the lowly 7-14mm f/4.0, not an f/2.0 lens.

It is just my observation that the M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 cannot be considered to be an SHG equivalent lens. Just my opinion, it's not worth arguing about it!

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