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Erik Magnuson wrote:

Beach Bum wrote:

Because most or the camera market isn't going to be pros with giant lenses.

55-250mm or 70-300mm are not giant lenses. A telezoom is by far and away the most common "second lens" for any ILC owner - unless they buy superzoom instead. (Hint: what were the first lenses available for the Sony E-mount?)

It's also something that the average person would never consider using.

So are most EF and EF-S lenses. People buy on what they think they might do rather than what they really do.

Because they are more established camera companies.

So.....are..... the......others that you're dismissing. They're just as much camera manufacturers as the others.

The key word is "established" -- both in dealer share and mind share.

What kind of shape was Apple in in the 1990's and early 2000's? I remember talking about how it would be a bad idea to go with their computers because of a lack of programs. Then came the iPod and iPhone, and, in less than a decade, they went from loser to industry leader.

The point is that this was virtually impossible to predict back then. It was shocking to me anyway. Microsoft was an almost unstoppable force back then, and Apple was their sickly baby brother.

Things change. And sometimes quite rapidly. And sometimes entirely unpredictably.

The key is not to give up, not throw in the towel on your business when things look down. Today's "established" WILL be tomorrow's down and out. Then, a little later things may reverse again.

Also, some knowledge of human nature. People don't like big clunky things when they can get similar functionality from smaller gear.

Hmm, then why are phones getting bigger?

Some are getting a little bigger, but no bigger than what would fit comfortably in a pocket. There's going to be a continual but small shift here. They'll never get larger than the size of a pocket and no smaller than what would be needed to use it as a phone (i.e. not hugely smaller than ear to mouth distance).

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