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Re: Why you are reading Thom wrong

Richard wrote:

I don't think so. The mirror is not that expensive, less than a EVF, I don't know this for sure.

This depends on what features you need to support with a mirror, e.g. 10FPS is expensive for a mirror.  So, it's possible that the first EVF  EF-S or DX camera would be in the middle of the line and not the bottom.

BTW, there are other savings:  no separate AF sensors or metering sensors. The shutter can be simpler, e.g. some the NEX have only a single shutter curtain for ending the exposure.

I'll agree that right now,  there is probably not enough cost savings for a low end camera w/o compromising the EVF ala the A3000.  The issue is if when that might change such that a good EVF-based system would be cheaper for a given feature set.

Mirrorless regardless of manufactures offers less, not more. Mirror allows a viewfinder and an EVF.

No good solution for an eye-level EVF (video) with the mirror.  No cheap solution for high FPS either.  I expect both Canon and Nikon to eventually offer such models; it's more a matter of when.

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