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Erik Magnuson wrote:

Beach Bum wrote:

The thin body is going to hit the big time at some point in the future,

I don't. Why? Most of the photographers I know also have a xx-250 or xx-300mm lens. Once you add such a lens, you are no longer thin and/or are carrying a bag (so weight matters more than a few mm. Compare the EF-S 55-250mm to any equivalent.) If you are only thin with a pancake prime or slow zoom, then most people will go for very thin like a phone camera or collapsible lens compact.

Because most or the camera market isn't going to be pros with giant lenses. Has the smartphone killed the computer market. No. Real computers are just getting smaller and smaller and more portable.

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that it's just going to be camera phones or giant cameras. But if you want to parallel with the portable computing market, it's the desktop (DSLR analogue) that's dying while sleek laptops and netbooks are taking over. Why? Because they're small, portable, and can do the same thing that yesterday's behemoth desktops did.

The EOS-M uses a different mount that's not compatible with their existing DSLRs.

It's called the EF-M lens adapter. Full function for all Canon EF or EF-S lenses. Currently $129 on sale. We'll have to see if an EOS-M with on-sensor PDAF like the 70D will have similar performance, but the premise of this thread is that it will soon enough.

It's also something that the average person would never consider using.

Why would anyone want to buy this mount from Canon when they can buy a mirrorless camera from a more established mirrorless manufacturer?

Because they are more established camera companies.

So.....are..... the......others that you're dismissing. They're just as much camera manufacturers as the others.

To create a thin body, they'd need a new mount which is not compatible with their existing DSLRs.

The Nikon 1 series is compatible with F-mount AF-S lenses.

which I believe is the future.

Acceptance has been "meh" so far, so this is based more on faith than facts.

Also, some knowledge of human nature. People don't like big clunky things when they can get similar functionality from smaller gear. Poor advertising is the problem.

The reason sleek bodied mirrorless cameras haven't hit the big time yet is that the stars haven't aligned. But they will.

Ah, so your faith is based on astrology

We'll see.

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