Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why Thom is wrong...

Richard wrote:

Canikons strength is not just DSLR, it is lenses APS-C for smaller cameras and FF which mirrorless lacks.

Can we just stop here for a second?

Canon and Nikon's APS-C lens selection sucks. Nikon is bad and Canon is worse. That has nothing to do with mirrorless and nothing to do with other companies. N and C decided that the way to get the most money out of their customers was to upsell them hard to full frame lenses, and then leave them with essentially no choice but to buy the expensive FF camera. All they've done is be clever about the ranges. If you're an APS-C shooter who wants to step up, Canon will try and sell you a 17-40L, not the 17-55/2.8. Because it's the L lens, because it's full frame compatibility. After a few of those sales you may as well buy the 6D, or you're just letting your glass investment go to waste! Sigma had to produce the 50-150/2.8, since CN couldn't be bothered.

All of the FF lenses mount and work fine, sure. (Well Nikon's a mixed bag but never mind.) Some of them even work well with the crop; the big telephotos are often more useful as crop lenses. But both companies did the bare minimum in producing DX/EF-S lenses. One wide zoom, one fast zoom, and then a bunch of basic consumer lenses and maybe a prime or two.

Don't give Canikon a free pass on their neglect just to argue about mirrorless.

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