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Re: You have no clue what you're talking about, do you?

Beach Bum wrote:

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Beach Bum wrote:

Richard wrote:

And Mirrorless is dead. Now before you go getting emotional, ponder the logic.

1.DSLRs act like mirrorless as they are right now.

They don't act like mirrorless for a number of reasons. Most mirrorless cameras have a shorter flange focal distance due to the lack of a mirror, which allows greater leeway in lens design and possibly the option of making smaller or cheaper lenses while maintaining image quality.

So, who cares, the lenses right now are very expensive so this logic does not fly.

Who cares? Like I said, when the mirror is long dead and buried, the Nikon and Canon body designs will be unnecessarily large and cumbersome.

You said that CaNikon existing DSLRs could function like mirrorless cameras, and my point is that when the mirror is no longer needed or even wanted, their body/lens design will be unnecessarily large and cumbersome and won't be competitive. In simpler terms, the smaller bodies will do the same thing as CaNikon bodies when the mirror is gone. What do you think people will want?

I know what I will want, cameras that work with my Canikon lenses. I also know that I want a viewfinder that is not electronic. I can only speak to what I want. I predict others will want the same which is why DSLRs are doing the same, Pros still buy DSLRs and mirrorless is declining or niche market which phone cameras are on the rise.

Stop thinking in the short term. The mirror box is doomed. It won't happen immediately, but it will happen.

The first digital cameras made for consumers were mirrorless, long term they haven't worked out that way. I am looking at long term and I see Canon and Nikon in it.

I will disagree, I will say that Canon and Nikon did not put much thought into this and did not think it was going to be competition, when it becomes competition, they step it up.

Highly doubtful that they haven't put much thought into it. They're outgunned by larger competitors, and, until now, they've sold cameras on name alone, even when competitors are producing better products.

No competitor produces a better pro camera.

Panasonic and Sony are far larger than Canon or Nikon and have far more resources available to them to develop tech. It's really the same reason Panny and Sony are so good at video while Canon and Nikon (especially Nikon) are not so good.

This is the reason why Panasonic and Sony are so consistent in quality across their line-up while Canon and Nikon have to cut corners in some models.

Sony and Panny products quality is not that great, sorry, accros all products including cameras.

These two companies put out some of the best and most reliable electronics on the planet. I'm watching a Panny TV right now with a Sony Blu-ray player, BTW.

My Sony blue ray player is the slowest on the planet. Sony made Beta, they made mini disk, they made trinitron tvs (which had the worst rate of defects after the warranty period for year)

Look at the reliability ratings for TVs, cameras, etc. You might be surprised at who's on top and who isn't.

In the google search I did, samsung and panny came out on top, but panny does not make a superior camera so it really means nothing.

In short, I don't believe either Canon or Nikon are "smarter" in any way, shape, or form

I think they are and only time will tell. That is not to discount that Sony and Panasonic are good brands, they just are not as good as Canon and Nikon in cameras

Definitely better in the compact market. Better autofocus, better video, and, for the most part, better glass. They're not in the DSLR market so they can't really compete in it.

Better is better. You are right, they can't compete in the dslr market, that was the point of my post.

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