Pointless observation update: Thar be NEXes out there!

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Pointless observation update: Thar be NEXes out there!

In the past I've made casual observations - very non-scientific and not bearing any great meaning about the demise or success of any particular type of camera - of NEX and other mirrorless cameras seen 'in the field' while on vacation.  The purpose is simply just to see other people using mirrorless cameras, purely for curiosity of how many other mirrorless cameras other than your own you see out in the world - being a newish-category of camera, compared to P&S and DSLR, and ignoring the proliferation of camera phones and various tablet devices...and each time I do this, a few times a year, I tend to see a few more mirrorless out there.  It's just nice to see that they are out there, they are selling, and that they will likely remain a viable market since many of us who shoot mirrorless cameras like them and would like to see them successful.  Since I also shoot with a DSLR, I have no interest in competition between them - I see them as perfectly complimentary to eachother, and just want to continue to have both options available to me!

Anyway, I took a 5 day trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL, and always find that to be a good place to look out for mirrorless cameras - there are so many hundreds of thousands of people there, with a majority taking photos, and from every region of the world.

My first observation was that NEX cameras are becoming a little more common in the field...I saw quite a few more this time than I did last trip.  Phones still dominate and DSLRs and P&S are still in much higher numbers, but I was pleasantly surprised at how many NEX cameras I spotted, including a few folks I spoke with (I was asked by at least 3 of them what my lens was, as I often had my Voigtlander 35mm F1.4 attached, and most NEX users I spotted were using Sony eMount lenses).  I counted 26 NEX cameras over the 5 days - 5 were NEX7s, 8 were some vintage of NEX-5s, 3 were NEX6s, and 10 were NEX3s of some form.  Many had 18-55mm lenses, a few had the 16-50PZs, one had the 16mm pancake, and at least 5 people were sporting 55-210 or 18-200mm lenses, either attached or alongside.

On the other mirrorless front, I saw 4 different M4:3 cameras - mostly Olympus and the slim-bodystyles as opposed to the 'miniDSLR' type designs...one was a larger bodied Panasonic.  I saw two Nikon 1 cameras - they appeared to be J1s as there was no 'hump' on top.  I also spotted one Pentax Q system - I rarely spot those in public - this one was dressed up in a nice retro-looking leather half-case.

No Canon EOS-M systems spotted this trip...though I did have a long rooftop discussion with a new SL1 owner who was not familiar with night shooting and saw me with a tripod and asked how to get non-blurry photos - he was in a rant on how he thinks he got a crap camera and what should he get instead, and showed me his horrible results.  After I assured him that any DSLR/SLT/mirrorless camera was perfectly capable of excellent results and nothing was wrong with his camera, I showed him how to get off 'auto' mode, explained P mode instead which would let him control his ISO, and what that meant, then explained why tripods are used.  I then took his camera, screwed it onto my tripod, and took a quick 10 second night exposure for him in A mode (he had an 18-250mm Sigma lens attached), and showed him how the results looked nice and crisp, and he walked away very happy and wanting to learn a little more about how to take photos.

Anyway, those are my pointless observations from this trip!

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