Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why you are reading Thom wrong

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Richard wrote:

And Mirrorless is dead. Now before you go getting emotional, ponder the logic.

1.DSLRs act like mirrorless as they are right now. [...]

2. Canikon already have EVF, on the back of the camera for live view. [...]

3. Canikon can make smaller dslrs with APS-C that will be able to compete with mirrorless [...]

None of these are arguments against mirrorless, e.g, a Digital Rebel with an EVF and hence no mirror. This is where I think Thom is making his prediction - that "soon" the mirror will be dropped for low-end EF-S and Nikon DX bodies. On the other end of the price spectrum could be a 1DHS or D5HS (High Speed) body with an EVF and extreme frame rate. What's left is to quibble over the definition of "soon" for the first model to appear (next year, two years, five years?) and how long will actual DSLRs with mirrors/optical finders be in the lineup (five years, ten years, or more?)

At this point mirrorless has no advantage and has disadvantages compared to Canikon solutions.

The difference between you and Thom is that you are thinking of mirrorless as only Fuji/Oly/Panny/Sony.

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Indeed, I think this is generally the problem with these kinds of discussions, "a move towards mirrorless" is taken to mean "current mirrorless mounts will destroy Canon and Nikon" by those on both sides of s the fanboy argument.

The problem is IMHO that people tend to view the future of mirrorless as being what we see today. I'd argue that because mirrorless is a new tech with disadvanatges over DSLR's its naturally been forced into the small camera market it naturally has an advantage in. That market isn't anything new, its been around for decades, its just taken a bit longer for it to be serviced in the digital market. If mirrorless tech does ever reach a stage where a mirror becomes pointless then it doesn't hold that the entire market will suddenly want very small camera's.

I'd be supprized if we don't see a high end DSLR with a hybrid viewfinder allowing for switching between an EVF and OVF sometime in the next few years.

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