What do you think of the Nikon V3 ?

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Re: What do you think of the Nikon V3 ?

Touchscreens suck in the field. Especially when it's cold. The autofocus is the best feature of the V series. Gotta keep it. Same battery as the D800 and D600 is the way to go. Maybe turn it sideways and use it as a grip. Interval and bracketing is a big deal.   Ability to turn off/on the preview in the evf.    Ability to set the evf to full time with quick preview button for screen.   I hate the way it switches back and forth everytime I put it to my eye...   Maybe shape the bottom of the camera like an arca plate (might be too big, but I'd love to see one mocked up...)

16 mp with great iso would be nice and everything should work with raw. A bigger buffer would be nice.   WiFi or bluetooth would be great.   Headphone jack and mic input controls...

That's a pretty good start...  

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