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Re: SLRs were E-M5 sized decades BEFORE digital!

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Have people's hands suddenly become gargantuan? What makes FF cameras of the past (like Canon AE & Nikon FM) fine 20 years ago, suddenly too small?

It depended on the lenses you used. If you only shot with small primes, the size was fine.  A 70-210mm f/3.5 zoom was pushing it.  By the time you mounted a 300mm f/4, almost everyone preferred to use the motor drive with grip which made them larger than today's cameras.  The grips also improved portrait handling a lot.

but today it's been proven that the electronics can be fit into a normal sized body, even with a mirror (Olympus E-4xx series dSLRs).

You do realize the E-4xx sensor is the same size as 110 film?   Not a good comparison to an FM.

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