Dpreview still the slowest kid on the block, where is that G6 review ??

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Jakob.... you need to be more realistic

While it is true that Dpreview used to produce more reviews, and more timely reviews, when they had a staff of three than when they have a staff of fifteen like they do today, there are several good reasons for this:

  • The Reviews have become much more detailed and complicated. It just takes a whole lot more work to produce a 24 page review than it does to produce an 8 page review. This is the price we pay for having the most thorough and in depth reviews. However, you still must give them credit for grinding out a lot of previews and first impressions, even if you have to get the full reviews from someone else.
  • The site has expanded it's scope. This is no longer a camera review site. It is now a digital imaging review site, which includes cell phones. And this is despite the same staff also supporting a separate site expressly for cell phones. Like it or not, this is now a "Camera Plus Cell Phone" site.
  • The site has expanded it's services. Dpreview used to have two elements to it. Camera reviews plus forums. But a lot has changed since 1998. What started out as 15 forums has grown to become 61. They have added galleries, generous image hosting, challenges, polls, gear selling, lens reviews, buying guides, private messaging, bookmarks, email notifications, and shilling for Apple. All of these things take time away from the staff here. All of these things need to be supported, so even with a larger staff, there may not be enough resources for creating timely reviews.

It is important to remember that 15 years is a long time on the internet. There has been a change of ownership and a change of leadership here, so it is only natural that many other things would change too.

In many ways, these changes have been very good things. We certainly do get many more services from this website, even if we aren't getting timely reviews anymore. And if you are a cell phone guy, then you should be thrilled.

But I'm not even sure if the reviews ever were that speedy here. There were always other websites spitting out faster, albeit less detailed reviews. I seem to recall complaints ten years ago about the lack of reviews. So that part really isn't new. We just think it's something new, but it has been an often voiced complaint here. So this really might be much ado about nothing.

The bottom line still is... it's still free, and no one else does a much better job of it.

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