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Re: No Remote Capture = Not a 'Pro' model?

Photato wrote:

Lawrencew wrote:

areichow wrote:

Sounds like they didn't implement remote capture on the M2?

To me that sounds like the M2 is not a 'pro' model and that the M2 will still be positioned as a 'beginners' camera by Canon.

Why are the M series not able to provide remote capture? is it just a marketing feature to differentiate DSLRs? Or is there a technical reason?

Is it like the digital zoom feature that was removed for some unknown reason between preview models and production? Could it be renenabled via ML?

Does it mean the M2 is still based on the same sensor series and not the 70D (which provides live view and remote capture)?

Even if it has wifi, then that is no guarantee it will support remote capture either, as Canon's P&S models with wifi don't either.

so many questions... looking forward to finding out!

And Canon wanted to charge $800 for that.

These days Phones have photo features that simply don't exist in the Canon M, deliberately.

Things like Panorama mode, not even a framing aid like many Powershots have had for years.

No time lapse or electronic level, Custom mode, etc

It is beyond irritating and makes me think in brand alternatives.

EOS-M is in the DSLR stratosphere.  does any canon DSLR have timelaspe, panorama, framing aids, focus peaking,etc?

I at one time looked at powershot feature sets and assumed they would quickly move into the DSLR strata .. that just doesn't seem to happen - at all.

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