What do you think of the Nikon V3 ?

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Re: What do you think of the Nikon V3 ?

Thanks for all the feedback.

I tried to designed it to match all my needs as a photographer but, like iamthenewguy said, it's interesting to see how this characteristics differ between people.

Never tought on the trade between a back-illuminated sensor or phase-detection. Even so I think I would prefer a better resolution, DR and low-light performance if the contrast autofocus was on par with the Olympus OMD.

My toughts when I was developing this mockup were:

- mantain roughly the same size as the V1 (the V2 is a bit chunky in my opinion)

- mantain the simple lines and the sort of "bauhaus aesthetic" of the V1 (I really like it)

- make a smaller battery to make the camera lighter and thinner

- give the body a better grip that would not increase it's volume (I opted for a smooth inner curvature, one of the reasons for a smaller battery too)

- a tiltable EVF would improve the usability and confort of a small camera like this

- finally one thing I tought was very important:
The greatest flaw with the V1 is the lack of immediate control but to include more physical buttons could be a overkill in such a small camera. A touch screen could offer all the controls without taking more space. As shown in the last image, a "quick settings" button could bring a menu with the most important settings. All the settings would be quickly adjusted with a swipe movement or switched to "auto". And even in auto mode one could indicate an interval of minimum and maximum values for the camera to choose.

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