Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why Thom is wrong...

olliess wrote:

Red5TX wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

D5200 destroys any Olympus for image quality even crippled by its AA filter. The D7100 is $250 cheaper than the EM1 and outclasses it by an even wider margin in every way and is no chore at all to carry if you're committed to really outstanding photography. No popup flash on the EM1? Are you kidding me?

Right. Because those who are "committed to really outstanding photography" frequently use the pop-up flash.

Commonly for some quick-and-dirty fill flash or to trigger an off-camera flash, yes.

By the time I've set up off-camera strobes, it's not a great difficulty to have also attached the E-M1's flash.

Look, I recognize that DSLRs have plenty of advantages, but the pop-up flash issue is a silly criticism.  Handy?  Sure.  Deal killer?  I would hope not.  Plenty of very pro cameras don't have pop-up flashes, either.

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