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Flood of Tears Spilt Over from the Nikon forums?

This thread begins with a rant that does not even specify the source of the tantrum. Might it be this?


The OP also begs people not to get emotional, but the whole frackus obviously has do to with emotion:

If Nikon takes the mirror out of the D5, then what becomes of all my precious gear? What meaning will I have in life? Oh, woe. Buwaaaa. Sniff.  Pass the hanky.

Hence, we see a collosal screaming tirade of supposed DSLR purists against one of their own for stating a heresy.

A bigger mess than the grease and schapnel on a D600 sensor.

The storm levy over at the Nikon forum needs a fixin'.

Hogan's a good man, more often right than wrong, but who cares?

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