Customers prefer Fuji x-trans cameras?

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Re: Customers prefer Fuji x-trans cameras?

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To be honest, I think people on these forums are ashamed to admit they shoot JPEGs.

It's almost some kind of status symbol for people to say "I only shoot raw".

My status, on these forums, has always been pretty low so I don't mind admitting that my raw processing skills don't usually match the Fuji JPEGs.

I disagree. I think many people are now shooting jpeg instead of raw with the. Fuji system. I used to shoot exclusively RAW with my Nikons since late 2004. Now I shoot 80% jpeg. The lack of extra work is a very appealing aspect ofthe Fuji system and yet another reason for me to love it. Many have commented how great the fuji jpegs are, and I am certainly one of them

I can get slightly better detail from RAW in LR than I get from Sharp 0 jpeg setting in-camera. I can also selectively lift/lower luminance (but LR will also do that with JPEGs).

One of my main reasons for shooting raw with the X-E1 is to have the option to test different in-camera JPEG settings, changing "film" (color rendering), generating a B&W, raising or lowering sharpness, shadows, highlights, saturation, etc. Raw is my source for an improved in-camera JPEG.

I wish the X-E1 would let me apply increased in-camera sharpening WITH a sharpening mask. The only reason I never boost sharpening above 0 in camera is I don't like what it does to the smoothness of out-of-focus backgrounds.

I'm happy enough that I can get better results in RAW than I can with jpeg (moire is the only artefact that's a material issue for me, using aperture), but the jpeg results from the Fuji cameras are ridiculously good.

That's partly down to a great jpeg engine (the results from the X100 were great too) but a significant part is the way the camera processes the x-trans results, which is a step above results from an equivalent bayer sensor. Even shooting RAW, being able to fall back on in camera RAW processing for problem images is just outstanding functionality.

Couldn't agree more.

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