Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why Thom is wrong...

Richard wrote:

And Mirrorless is dead. Now before you go getting emotional, ponder the logic.

1.DSLRs act like mirrorless as they are right now. They push the mirror out of the way when they go into live view. The first objection is that the AF is faster on mirrorless, sure using on sensor AF on a DSLR. Right now that is true but if you think Canonikon is going to sit on the hands and not improve live view to the point it is better than current mirrorless, I think they are smarter than that. It will happen or Canonikon will die. Mirrorless will lose the AF advantage in live view.

That's a possibility.  But when you consider certain benefits of mirrorless: quiet, fast, high frame rates, reduced vibration, less room for AF calibration error due to AF sensor alignment ... if AF performance improves to the point that it matches what's available on DSLRs now, then a lot of photographers are going to want to exploit those benefits while using an eye level viewfinder.

(It's also possible, but probably remote, that they can design a DSLR that does PDAF-on-sensor LV with the mirror up that has an EVF alongside the OVF ... or maybe even one with interchangeable VFs ... but I think part of the appeal of mirrorless to manufacturers is making cameras simpler, not more complicated)

Thom can predict, but so can I. I think that cell phones will only get better and be good enough for the masses,

They already are.

Canikons strength is not just DSLR, it is lenses APS-C for smaller cameras and FF which mirrorless lacks.

Well now you're going back to current mirrorless, not what Thom proposes.  (Sony should have FF mirrorless out by Photoplus Expo, too, according to reasonable rumors).

I think most camera people know these points already and if they are honest with themselves, they already know mirrorless in its present form is not where it is at.

No, but again, that's not what Thom is suggesting, either.  Mirrorless EOS & F-mount bodies gives DSLR users what they have today with the benefits of mirrorless and full time live view, but the costs of full time live view (and possible AF performance if they can't perfect PDAF-on-sensor).

- Dennis

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