Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

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All these arguments against mirrorless....

seem to be discussing the state of affairs "as of now".  In that regard they are mostly correct.  But I've been involved with photography since the latter 60's (as a kid), and pretty seriously after 1978 as an adult.  I've witnessed a lot of things I didn't think would happen or be possible (in terms of reliably or practically working).  But in those 45 years I haven't seen such rapidity of technological advances as in the last 15, and especially the last 10.  So, if I had to bet on this, I'd be putting my money where Thom says things are probably going.  I think the solutions to the problems are out there.  As far as wide angle and flange distance is concerned, have any of you looked at the Sony RX1?  True, it's not UWA by any means, but you can't get the rear element much closer to the sensor than that camera does.  Beautiful performance from that camera---I'd have one now if it had a viewfinder.

As an artist first, "photographer" second, I don't really have a dog in this fight.  I have both FF mirrored and apsc mirrorless cameras (and an H2O proof p&s)---and I've got mirrored and mirrorless film cameras I'm still running, too, in MF and LF.  I've got uses for all of them---very helpful tools. Same in my studio: gouache here, oils there, charcoal, graphite, pastels, oil pastels, plaster, wood, metal...photographs...and all their associated tools.  Tools for their purpose, media for their purpose.  None are inherently better than any of the others, they're all just different.  I know this from decades of experience most people here at DPR don't have, and that's true for all the other artists I know who work in a variety of media.

So for my part I'm a little mystified at the undercurrent of picking sides in this argument, as if it mattered somehow in some larger, existential way.  It's fine to like a particular tool because it suits you best, but that is personal.  In this argument (and others I see here at DPR), it seems there is a lot of heat generated from the use of technical information thrown at arguments that have at their root some sort of personal investment.  It's weird.  It's a camera, not your mom.  You'll buy another one of these days (camera, not your mom---although some of us might like that option too...).

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