Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

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Designed for women

This part of the interview confirms what I said about 1.5 years ago about how the cameras were designed more with women in mind:

Mirrorlessons: This is maybe a more sensitive question. There have been some articles explaining that mirrorless cameras in general have poor sales especially in Europe and America whereas in Japan, Korea and China they are doing fairy well. If this is true, why do you feel the sales are not very good?

Tereda: One thing we always say is that Japan and the Asian people like to have new things. Americans and Europeans tend to be a bit more conservative. We are expecting this. On the other hand, we strongly promote, especially in the Japanese and Asian market, cameras designed for the young generation with a focus on young females. However, we can see the potential in Europe now that so many females enjoy photography and post pictures on social networks. We tried to test the market potential in Paris once with the Pen camera where we had a touch-and-try show in the centre of the city. So many young ladies came to the event and they tried the camera and everybody said that it was really nice. But still these women have no strong buying power, that is, the income is low. However, we clearly see the possibility – they love photography and they love the Pen camera. If we can clearly see the target user, I am sure we can convince Europe and America.

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