Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

Because I'm seriously considering moving to MFT I've mentioned it to a few people and suddenly realised that no 'average' person seems to have a clue what MFT is.

When I explain, it's hard to tell someone the difference between an MFT camera and an APS-C SLR without it seeming somehow that MFT cameras are 'in between' compacts and SLRs not only in terms of size but also in terms of 'quality'.

That's a tricky thing perception problem MFT camera makers have to fight, and I guess that's one of the reasons for the EM-1. Price is a problem too, because often MFT cameras seem to be more expensive than 'better' APS-C SLRs. It's probably not obvious why that is to most people, so they will invent reasons for themselves. Perhaps they're 'fashion' cameras for people with more money than sense. Like Leicas. I'm not saying I think that of course.

I don't know how the camera makers can make the general public aware that MFT is a system largely equal to APS-C in terms of 'quality', or how they can persuade people to choose a system they perceive as being slightly less good, slightly less 'pro'. Non pros don't want to buy 'non pro' systems, they want 'pro' systems so they can be as good as pros, or think they are.

I think this is a problem, because if you get over it, like I have, you realise that a smaller, lighter system, while not necessarily cheaper, can be essentially just as good IQ-wise, and a lot nicer to carry around – the entire purpose of MFT.

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