Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

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Re: Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

Guthmann: Even top professionals are tending to go with medium format cameras for those real high quality shots while choosing mirrorless cameras from MFT to create spontaneous shots because they are lightweight, better to transport, and do not look so professional”

Come on guys there will be a 100 pro FF users for every MF user despite their awesome low ISO image quality MF is simply too limited poor lens choice slow lens poor high ISO etc. If you only shoot in controlled situation in a studio or tripod based landscape they are great beyond this their usefulness declines rapidly.

“. This is an important point because you can shoot images which were not possible before because you needed permission to shoot. With this camera, you can just make images and nobody recognises that you are shooting in a professional manner”

So presumably this means that being able to sneak cameras into locations to sneak photographs you are not allowed to take using a nice pink pen mini is the way to go for

.”This is why many professionals are thinking about having a medium format camera for the really high end jobs, skipping FF altogether, and just using MFT camera for spontaneous jobs.”

This is ludicrous there are more FF cameras selling than ever before which is certainly not the case with MF digital which remains a tiny expensive niche within pro photography.

Though its not a total loss at least the "young lady" market is being targeted

“Tereda: Asian people like to have new things. Americans and Europeans tend to be a bit more conservative. We are expecting this.

On the other hand, we strongly promote, especially in the Japanese and Asian market, cameras designed for the young generation with a focus on young females

. However, we can see the potential in Europe now that so many females enjoy photography and post pictures on social networks.

Pity that according to Olympus all young women are too poor for them

But still these women have no strong buying power, that is, the income is low.

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