Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

this is a bit off-topic, but...

stimpy wrote:

What doesn't help much is the big DSLR type bodies, EM5 EM1 GH3, they should play on the size aspect, small and compact - retro like the GX7 will appeal to a huge market of hipsters who like taking photos and also wants something that looks good around their necks.

size is the reason i bought a GH3 and sold the E-M5. and i wouldn't want to go back even though the OM-D has slightly better IQ. some people like small cameras, other people prefer bigger ones. please Panasonic and Olympus, (continue to) make both kinds of cameras to cater for both kind of people. even if the body isn't terribly small, there's still the size advantage compared to other formats once you put more than just one lens in your bag. plus, the GH3 isn't a big camera by any means, on an absolute level.

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