Dpreview still the slowest kid on the block, where is that G6 review ??

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Re: Dpreview still the slowest kid on the block, where is that G6 review ??

John Sutton 15 wrote:

lighthunter80 wrote:

Well, this site is free and no one is forced to look at it.

I don't understand why people think they have some sort of right to get what they want from dpr. They deliver what they think is of interest for their readers and at the time they can or want to.

End of story. If you don't like it go somewhere else, frankly speaking.

Did I mention dpr is free?!

So what if it's free? People still have the right to complain and discuss.

this is called feedback. if people would just say "well, i won't come to dpreview because of X" and keep it to themselves on account of the site being free, the traffic would decrease without the staff having any idea as to what they have done wrong. and then they might try to fix the situation by adopting a solution that further displeases the remaining audience. but they won't know, because of the "shut up, it's free" rhetoric.

so complaining means that we care.

there's also the option of being a fanboy and pretending that everything is perfect, and whoever has a different opinion should just "leave". well, if you want the DPReview site and forums to be visited by only you and your 9 other friends who agree with you, that's fine. but it won't last long after everyone has left for better places.

by the way, no internet site is free these days. whenever you see advertisement, even if it's those price quotes at the end of reviews, previews, etc., that means that the website generates revenue from you viewing it.

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