Dpreview still the slowest kid on the block, where is that G6 review ??

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Re: How would DPR become an insignificant review site...

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At least for DPR in its perspective of the camera market in respect to DPR's viewership. And in some way it's true. The grand majority of DPR viewers don't really care for the Panasonic G series, irregardless of whether or not that's how it should be or not. Even in this forum, let alone the whole site, most only care for Oly E-Mx, or the various pens, etc.

DPR has for a while now only given full reviews (plus previews) to the most popular/hyped cameras, and previews only for the somewhat less popular ones.

Fact of the matter is the Sony RX100's are just way more popular than the Panasonic G's, heck, I would presume even the

the bigger issue is that dppreview ditches its loyal users again and again.

the term "preview" implies a upcoming review. If that is NOT the intention the staff here should be serious and respect the users by calling it "product news" or something else.


if they are serving their majority of customers? What? Because they aren't tending to the wishes of an insignificant few, they are going to become insignificant themselves? They are still tending to all the big names, as well as the big name mirrorless cameras (E-M1, E-M5, various NEX's, etc. etc.). It's a numbers game and G6 just isn't going to drive in as many numbers as say a Rebel would, or any Oly m43 camera for that matter.

The E-P5 has not been reviewed so even super glamour brands get the odd cold treatment.

The preview culture has been forced on DPR by the rumour sites and the use of them by the manufacturers to release information early whilst forbidding sites like DPR to report this early. In order to make the news section semi-respectable, DPR almost has to release a preview for any camera it wants to report about. More previews quickly = fewer full reviews eventually.

On the other hand, some of the previews have been padded with more gallery sample pictures, comparison shots, etc. and contain almost the same kind of information as full reviews minus the score sheet. For a careful reader this is perhaps enough data to make their own decisions without being force-fed a percentage mark and silver award.

DPR should just, after padding out a preview enough, rename it "short review" and leave it as that, and concentrate on only evaluating the truly different cameras (not the G5/6 which are just rehashes of the GH2, nor the E-P5 which is just a combination of E-M5 and E-PL5) in detail.

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