Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

honeyiscool wrote:

I think Panasonic are doing well by making the Panasonic name a bit less prominent on their Lumix gear. It's just that I think of Panasonic as a company that makes everything with a little better feature set and a little better price than Sony. That's hardly a sexy image.

well, considering how many people (especially in the US) are still holding Sony in high regard, being better (at features and value) than Sony actually seems like it can be worth something. personally, Sony failed me and I will try to avoid their products from now on.

Nobody ever compared Technics to anyone; they stood alone.

I think that Tascam also stood alone. they may have even been "more alone", since I don't remember seeing Tascam Hi-Fi gear in Neckermann magazines as a kid. But I really wanted a Technics setup. By the time I had enough money to buy one, I just bough a PC with a good sound card and good surround speakers.

Lumix isn't a brand name that means as much to people, hence they have a better chance at being recognized as a luxury camera brand as Lumix.

i highly doubt that Lumix will be a luxury brand. not unless they start putting stickers with the MSRP on them, like they had for Megapixels and Zoom a few years ago.

p.s. On that note, it's stupid of Nikon to try to sell a $1000+ camera with the similar name as the worst of the worst Coolpix cameras.

not really. the idea is actually better - you start off with a P&S and grow up to the $1000 DSLR, all within the same ecosystem. it builds brand loyalty. What would a D7100 user buy for his mother/girlfriend/child? well, look, Nikon also has these Coolpix cameras. You already know the brand, the risk is less than suddenly saying Panasonic.

the past few years have shown that product segmentation into different brands is a bad idea. look at the auto and airline industries.

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