Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

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Re: Mirrorless optical superiority is missing!

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He forgot the most important part.

Mirrorless optical superiority.

Especially so with wide angle lenses, due to the much shorter flange distance.

Did he mentioned cost and reliability, mirrorless being simpler, as having less moving parts?

Is such a lens available now for mirrorless?

One of his points was that he sees Nikon and Canon moving to FF mirrorless cameras that use their current lenses.

My guess is that we'll see some kind of hybrid viewfinder from Canon and/or Nikon in the next few years to get the advantages of both then maybe a switch to mirrorless in the more distant future when/if a mirror no longer offers an advantage.

if nikon and canon go mirror less there is no reason not to make a shorter lens flange to sensor distance as an easy adapter will accept all the existing lenses.

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bosjohn aka John Shick

It really depends on the form factor there after on the camera doesn't it, I think we can see from current sales that a lot of people want the larger form factor.

The EM-1 even if it did have decent AF performance with SLR lenses would still IMHO be too small to balance a lot of Oly's existing 43 lenses.

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