Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

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Re: Electronic shutters

DT200 wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

So where does all this put us? Tally it up. No advantage in sensor, image processing, shutter, frame rates, buffer, features, or potential advances to either DSLR or mirrorless. Clear disadvantage at the moment to mirrorless in power. Gap closing rapidly in viewing system and focus. And Size doesn't really have to be a relevant issue other than sensor size choice and all that implies.

Conclusion: we're actually very near the point where DSLRs will simply transition to mirrorless for most users. And not that far from the point where DSLRs will go mirrorless for all users.

Sadly you can't use and electronic shutter with and OVF. There are already mirrorless cameras with electronic shutter options (no moving parts) that currently have some nice uses (wildlife, churches, etc).
Once that is improved and sensors can dump a whole image quickly to a buffer, it will be all over.

Did you ever use electronic shutter in real world? Certainly it brings new way of shooting however I can tell you it can't replace mechanical shutter and OVF base on current technology and it will create one major problem for average user...ten of thousand useless photos to sort out after they come back on a vacation.

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