In Defense of the DSLR

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DSLR=Mirror and mirrorless

Caerolle wrote:

The development of the current generation of mirrorless cameras is what got me into photography. I don't mind the size of dSLRs, and I love all the physical buttons on the enthusiast-and-up cameras, and of course the awesome lens selections, but I hate OVFs, flopping mirrors, and back-focus/front-focus/focus-shift issues with off-sensor AF. And I love EVFs and focus-peaking for manual focus. So, if mirrorless goes away, I will be back to not doing photography again.

DSLR has a mirror, but a DSLR can push it out of the way and wallah, it is mirrorless. Give it some time for the on sensor AF to improve and it will (and already has), you already have the EVF on the back of the DSLR.

Don't think Canon and Nikon will sit idle and watch mirrorless cut into DSLRs. They will add that technolgy in.

You see that is why mirrorless is declining and really does not stand a chance (except it may be made slightly smaller and my argument has always been, not that much smaller than DSLR and if you have to put your lenses in the bag, a pound or 2 won't make much difference for a photographer that wants better IQ and features.)

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