In Defense of the DSLR

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Tone Row wrote:

No question, and it's easy to explain because the human eye has a far greater dynamic range than an OLED viewer. On the other hand, a sensor has a similar dynamic range to an OLED VF, and if the A77 EVF was showing a blown out table then most assuredly if you took the shot then the table would have been blown out in the photo too.

Take it from an EVF lover -- this isn't true. The A77 is my primary camera and the sensor DR is better than the EVF DR, notably in the shadows. The OLED tends to block up the shadows but the detail is there when I look at the actual captures.

I think it WILL be true given another generation or two of the tech, but let's not lose sight of the actual reality of the situation.

Who said anything about shadows? I didn't, we were talking about blown highlights. I own an A77 myself as well as a NEX-6, and when the OLED in each is showing a blown out highlight it's guaranteed to be blown out on the RAW image as well. Shadows and low light is a different story, but you can take blown highlights to the bank with the Sony OLED.

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