would you rather force to work or find a job?

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That is crazy..

Chato wrote:

Increase them. What else?

In the US retirement benefits are only in financial trouble because not all income is subject to the retirment tax.

You don't understand that social security is not in trouble because there is not enough money going it.

The gov is corrupt, puts the money for social security retirement into the general fund and spends it. If the money went into a seperate account, we would have so much excess you would have to pay people more retirement than they put in... Why?

Think about it, where does the money go for all the people who work all their lives and die before they collect? That is a huge number.

The other huge influx of money is. Illegals from Mexico cannot work here without a social security number. They take dead peoples SS numbers and put money into the system. But they can't withdraw it.

Neither Republican or Democrat will fix this because the are corrupt and want to spend the money, or they would fix social security by putting it into a seperate fund. Instead they want to get into your pocket again and sell you health care. But that money will be spent too just like SS and eventually people who have been paying in all their lives with be told gov will have to reduce costs which means old people will not get good health care.

The problem comes from too big of gov dipping into our pockets and spending the money. When they cannot get enough that way, they just print more and sell junk bonds to other countries.

We are so deep in debt right now it is inevitable that the US will eventually declare bankrupcy on its debt. But that's ok, Obama doesn't fix SS retirement and wants in your pocket again you will be happy to give him your money.

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