In Defense of the DSLR

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PDAF on-sensor is rapidly maturing, and Sony already has a PDAF/CAF hybrid system. This means soon (not years— months) the mirror will be superfluous for AF. Canikon (et al) can use all of their existing technology for AF without needing a mirror. Thus, the mirror will soon only be needed for an OVF.

For me, an OVF seems... "disconnected" from the whole photography experience. It is like I am looking through a monocular. I press the shutter and a camera is in my hands... click click... then the monocular is back. The entire device shaking while that is happening only reinforces the disconnect.

With a EVF, I feel like I am more one with the camera (I am sticking to that wording even though it reads silly). I am aware there are strong opinions that run counter to this, to those holding that opinion I can only stress that it is an opinion and not a fact. I know there are people who will stick to their OVF as long as they can— and not out of spite but because they actually prefer it. I don't think they are idiots, or old fashioned (well, maybe a little old fashioned). I do think they will soon find an OVF to be a niche product, which is not a bad thing at all even if it makes them a little defensive

I just got a 20 year old lens for its long since abandoned magic, so I too am guilty of being old fashioned. I might even get a little defensive about it...

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