In Defense of the DSLR

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PerL wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

The new evf from olympus is quite outstanding, imo. Possibly better and bigger than most ovf, as far as I know.

Just look at a high contrast scene and see what you think.

I rememeber when Sony showed the new EVF in the A77 some years ago. They had a white table with the products, there was a bright sunshine on the table. Looking through the hyped OLED EVF of Sony, the products were blocked black and the table blown out white. Changing to my OVF DSLR everything looked as it should.

No question, and it's easy to explain because the human eye has a far greater dynamic range than an OLED viewer. On the other hand, a sensor has a similar dynamic range to an OLED VF, and if the A77 EVF was showing a blown out table then most assuredly if you took the shot then the table would have been blown out in the photo too.

Choose your poison, is it more important to have a beautiful view or a WYSIWYG view that will let you know when you're about to take a photo with blown highlights. I'd rather know up front so I don't have to chimp every photo I take.

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