Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Do you really believe that???

DT200 wrote:

OpticsEngineer wrote:

"The fake shutter sound saves me from making some bad shots. Like when I come indoors, take a shot, and notice a long time between start and end of exposure. I know right away I left the camera on ISO 100 and I fix it and get back to shooting.

Huh. I would think seeing "ISO100" in the LCD and EVF would be more important.

I can see where, for a beginner, it'd be helpful to know when the shot starts.  I've had that problem before....

Having said that, I prefer as little noise as possible.

Seeing as how the fake shutter is useful, and it is quieter than the mechanical one, a reasonable question is why can't it be disabled?

It is a generally accepted principal of user interface design that any feature or option that does not truly serve a purpose should be eliminated. Its presence adds clutter.

OMG that is is stretch. One line that says, "Silent Shutter" in the UI is not adding clutter, and is an option that so many here would find valuable. Your argument that the loud fake shutter sound is a "benefit" is summed up on a tee-shirt...

There are recent messages on this forum complaining about the menus having too many options.  I can see Sony looking at responses like that and concluding that items need to be removed from the menu.  This is my fear.....

To disable it, can you just put a sticker over the speaker hole or something?  How about gaffer's tape or something that won't leave a sticky goo?

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