Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

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Re: Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

nevada5 wrote:

A number of us here were shooting before autofocus was even dreamed of.

A breed that will soon be dead.

When all other things are equal, mirrorless will likely be the norm.

But all other things cannot be equal. An LCD display will never be as good as looking through the lens with your eye.

But how many people will refuse to give up the OVF and the sound of a mirror slapping?

The slapping mirror is not loved like the sound of a Mustang. It is tolerated in order to get the performance provided by the DSLR.

At least a few. DSLR's may still be made as a niche-type item.

Unlikely to ever see mirrorless dominate at the Olympics, football(both kinds), basketball, auto racing and the rest of the sports.

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