In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless cameras are fundamentally better.

Kodachrome200 wrote:

OVFs are by nature fundamentally better for experienced photographers. They allow you to see reality and from that you can visualize what you will be able to get from the raw file. You cannot necessarily tel the difference between the levels of shadows and highlights when you are seeing them through the sensor previewing the image.

To quote Thom Hogan: neither OVF nor EVF is perfect. OVF over the years has been optimized for brightness and overlays, which comes at the expense of seeing focus detail. Position of the eye at the viewfinder is also a variable for OVF (try it: while looking at an edge slide your eye from one side of the viewfinder to the other; so much for 100% view). OVFs will be dimmer with slower lenses, too.

Given those limitations, I think it is difficult to argue that OVFs "allow you to see reality." Btw, by "reality" I assume you are referring to the interpretation that our visual cortex gives to visual information.

i virtually garuntee whatever the future of pro cameras are they will be made by canon and nikon and will be fully compatible with current lenses either as they are or via adapters. If the ovfs go away in pro cameras it is not going to happen because the current mirror less systems overthrew them. it is going to happen because canon and nikon evolve the there dslr line into something that doesn't use mirrors anymore. something vaguely slt like but without a mirror in it. Though i think people using dslrs are going to go on preferring the ovfs they have. the big 2 are in no danger. Right now they are suffering like all camera makers but the dslrs they make are still the most lucrative products on the market.

Sony will soon have a FF mirrorless camera and, as Thom Hogan commented in an article today, we are likely to see Canon and Nikon move to FF mirrorless cameras that use their current lenses. OVFs won't disappear for some time. However, EVFs are rapidly improving and have many advantages over OVFs.

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