Olympus lens road map has me confused

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Re: Olympus lens road map has me confused

I have no deep insight into Olympus thinking or product planning. I see the same stuff you do. I conjecture with the best of 'em, tho.

My thought is that I'm not concerned. Building the kind of super high quality lenses that are characterized by the HG and SHG FourThirds lens line takes time and LOTS of development money. It was an 8-9 year project for Olympus to build up their portfolio of these lenses for FourThirds SLR. The fact that they already have two shipping, one due very soon, and another scheduled for a year from now in Micro-FourThirds is encouraging to me. After all, the only other weather-sealed body in Micro-FourThirds at present is the OM-D E-M5.

Basically, Micro-FourThirds started up in the opposite direction of FourThirds ... FourThirds started with a super-top-of-the-line pro-grade body and filled out that end of the lens spectrum first, Micro-FourThirds started with consumer-grade bodies, designed for compactness and light weight, and filled out that end of the spectrum first. So the lens map is a bit different as a result. Now that Olympus is in the pro-grade Micro-FourThirds business, things will change.

I figure that I'm fine with the lenses I have at present, only one of which is weather-sealed (the ZD 11-22/2.8-3.5 ED), and if I need another weather-sealed lens before a Micro-FourThirds offering is available, I'll just buy the HG or SHG lens and use it with the MMF-3 adapter. My tests of the 11-22 lens on the adapter at the local Olympus event showed me that they have achieved very much the same lens AF performance with it that the E-5 had and much better than my evergreen E-1. The E-M1 is the right choice for me to put money into a new body.

If you don't need/want a new body at the moment, well, there's no particular need to go jumping into the bucket for the E-M1. I expect it will be current top of the line for up to three years, like nearly all Olympus pro-grade bodies have been. If you do need/want a new body now, just buy an E-M1 and MMF-3, use whatever weather-sealed lenses you need. If you buy an E-M1 and need a weather-sealed lens, buy an MMF-3 and a HG or SHG lens if there isn't one in mFT format just yet.

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