would you rather force to work or find a job?

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First of course, there is PLENTY of work that needs to be done. The CBO states that there are 70,000 bridges and tunnels ready to collapse.

The rail infrastructure is that of the early 20th Century.

The cell phone onfrastructure and the electric grid are the worst in the developed world. And there is much else to be done.

So finding work would be rediculously easy.

Second, no Democratic government would FORCE anyone to work. On the other hand, if you are able to work, then you should either accept one of these jobs, OR get no benefits from society. Government welfare should only go to those unable for physical or mental reasons.

Society has an obligation to take care of those unable to support themselves. It has no obligation to support those who choose not to participate.

And of course, these new jobs MUST pay enough to keep those working out of poverty.


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Well done you completely missed the entire point of my post.

Although I COMPLETELY removed the text of your post, I should also have removed the name. I was replying to the OP...

If all those jobs were that necessary, I assume someone would be paying a "fair wage" for them, yes? If they are not worth a fair wage, are you suggesting people should do them for subsistence?

Because if so you are re-introducing slavery by proxy. It would become highly advantageous to employ as few as possible so that there was a large pool of cheap labour always available to be paid by the government. Just like McDonalds.

Err, my post is above. Did you miss the words:

"And of course, these new jobs MUST pay enough to keep those working out of poverty."

And if someone loses his job as a typesetter at age 50, are you suggesting he works as a tunneller on some major civic project?

Absolutely. Building roads and damns, and infrastructure calls for a variety of skills that are not physical. Yes, this person MIGHT need to be retrained, but there would be plenty of print jobs required for such huge tasks.

And of all those jobs that need doing, which would you assign to my 65 year old aunt?

She of course should be collecting retirment benefits. But if she WANTS to work, no doubt there would be unskilled jobs she could do, and no doubt if she had skills they could be used.

The biggest bill we have is pensions, not welfare. What do you propose to do about that?

Increase them. What else?

In the US retirement benefits are only in financial trouble because not all income is subject to the retirment tax.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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