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I know the whole story backwards and forwards... :)

lylejk wrote:

Read the whole story Chats. Rooselvelt implemented policies against the Japanese months in advance knowing that it would eventually provoke a response (for the clueless, that's the planned part). The when, though unknown until days prior (but still known well in advance) wasn't planned of course, but days before it happened, the Executive branch got ample warning. Again, Roosevelt was a traitor and responsible for all those massacred at Pearl Harbor. Whether you fired the bullet or got someone else to do so, you still can be charged with murder. That's absolutely the case here.

Yes, he implemented "measures." Measures like refusing to sell them the material to make arms to bomb their neighbors. Measures to refuse to sell them oil.

When the Arabs stopped selling us oil did we invade Saudi Arabia?

The Japanese were waging a brutal unjustified genocidal war in China. Are you saying that they had a right to expect our help?

Not one Japanese ship, plane or individual was shot by any arm of the US Military. Not ONE hostile action of a military nature was directed at the Japanese. We DID sell arms to China - And why Not? Don't we HAVE that right?

But your entire premise is based on the most gigantic fallacy. That it was necessary for the attack by Japan to succeed, whereas the very ACT of attacking us would have the same effect successful or not.

Like I said, the headline, "Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor beaten off" would have worked just as well.


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