K3 rumor thread II: the rumoring... 40 MP via sensor shift?

Started Sep 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: K3 rumor thread II: the rumoring... Not long before we will be dissapointed

Hi , I've never posted on here and nearly vanished up my own wazoo reading all the posts

With ref to the last comment i think its short sighted to get hung up on specs and for example assume an upgrade to k5 was just about 2 extra megapixels. i ummmm'd Ahhh'd for ages about upgrading from k7to k5 , bought a refurbed k5 and didn't look back . My pictures literally changed over night , such a step change from the k7. I guess it's was a combination of less noise and better high ISO performance that just suited my style of pics but if you look at my photostream (Daniel.15) you can pin point the moment I swopped over . If I missed the point forgive me I only half read it after about 300 others!

getting back to this thread... Have the rumours indicated a likely launch date ? Whens the next big camera expo?

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