Customers prefer Fuji x-trans cameras?

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Re: Customers prefer Fuji x-trans cameras?

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I went with the X-trans because it was different and all the reviews are very positive. It wasnt until after it shipped that i learned people are unhappy with the green smearing and such.

Still in my opinion, the X-trans sensor is a big draw -- its something that makes this camera different. Otherwise why not get an NEX, they are certainly a lot cheaper

I'm going to sound very stupid here but I've never had a problem with the X-Trans sensor and the green smearing that so many people talk about.

Maybe it's because I don't do many landscape type shots and to be honest I usually shoot JPEG instead of raw with this particular camera.

Here's a snapshot I took yesterday that has quite a bit of green in it. Nothing special about the picture but the color of the grass and hedges look OK to me.

Maybe I'm missing something.

click to make the picture bigger.

Edit: by the way, the shutter speed was 125. Where did the EXIF data come up with 1250?

Ed... Me too... Never see it with my x-pro1... And when it turns up on the forum, the leaves/greens are generally out of focus...


That's basically what I see.

I suppose there may still be problems with raw converters but the in-camera processing of JPEGs seems to get everything right.

Amen. Best I've seen. Even the X100 was better than what any of my Canon gear has ever produced .jpeg wise. X100s produces gorgeous files in my mind.

I use to shoot 70/80% in raw, with other cameras, but don't use it much with the X-E1.

I've played with shooting RAW a bit with my X100S but find I can't do anything better than what the camera produces either .jpeg wise or using in camera RAW conversion.

I suppose that puts me in the rank amateur or "stupid" category but I see very little reason to use raw with the Fuji.

Ed, I guess I'm in the same category as you. My issue is I spent so long shooting chrome which has basically no latitude for error in your exposure that I primarily shoot .jpeg with my X100s. With the additional DR the camera offers (compared to what I could get on film) I just dont find a huge need to shoot RAW and spend hours tweaking my images in PP. All I tend to do in PP at the most is pull out a bit of shadow detail if I shot under by a bit to pull in my highlights. The .jpegs have plenty of latitude for the 1/3 to 1/2 stop that I may need.

If I were selling my pictures I might be more cautious, and use raw, but let's face it; my best efforts are only snapshots and no one in their right mind would pay for them.

Most of the paid shoots I'm doing now with my Canon gear are sports related. Shoot those as .jpeg only as there is simply no time to mess with RAW files when the client wants images during the event and then the remainder FTP'd next day. In my case time is money and RAW takes far too much time.

Agree with everything you said.

All of us from Texas must think alike.

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