Olympus lens road map has me confused

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Olympus lens road map has me confused

Admittedly that's fairly easy to do but any insights you can offer would be appreciated.

I was looking to upgrade my E-3 to an E-7 but apparently that ship has sailed with the arrival of the E-M1.  Initially I was on board and happy to be able to use my lenses.  Now I'm wondering if the hype is a bit premature.  From what I can see, the m4/3 system  weathersealed lens options are limited and consist primarily of relying on the 4/3 SHG and HG glass.

I know there are a couple available and it's early and new lenses will come but considering past experience with Olympus promises, I'm now thinking it might be better to wait for a while.  Considering the marketing emphasis on weathersealing and the length of time they've been developing m4/3, I would have thought Olympus might have balanced out their m4/3 lineup a bit better before bringing out their new flagship.

When I look at the m4/3 forum, nobody seems to be concerned and there's lots of recommendations for non-weathersealed lenses so maybe it's not important to them - it is to me however.  I know buying an E-M1 still lets me use my lenses but by the time the road map gets filled out, there might be an E-M2 (with swivel LCD/LED?? etc) that's a better option.

The other area of confusion is whether or not Olympus intends for the "Pro" and "Premium" lines to parallel the 4/3 "SHG" and "HG" in terms of performance, build quality, and price.  The road map seems to be laid out similarly but then the lack of weathersealing in the Premium line is odd.  Also, the new 12-40 f2.8 Pro is apparently going to retail for around $1000 US.  This is a far cry from the SHG 14-35mm @ $2500 US and more in line with the HG 12-60mm.  We'll have to wait for some more lens reviews but either we're getting a hell of a deal or we're losing the SHG equivalent line and we need to hang on to our lenses.

Maybe it's time to sit on my hands for a bit (or maybe pick up an e-5 and some SHG glass).



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