An hour with the EM-1 with various lenses.

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An hour with the EM-1 with various lenses.

Today I spent an hour with the new camera + 12-40 lens, battery grip etc. I own an EM-5 with battery grip, 45mm, 60mm and 75mm lenses. I am happy to report that :-

The EM-1 is better than EM-5 in every respect but it does not provide a completely new experience. For EM-5 users who want a second body, I recommend that you go ahead and pre-order. Your EM-5 will slip into the back up role. For those who do not need a second body I say stick with your EM-5. The EM-1 does have a novelty factor which will wear off in due time. The IQ is almost identical.

The new battery grip feels better than the EM-5 grip.

I tried the new cam with zuiko 150mm f2 lens and it works flawlessly. The adapter attached to the lens was not noticeable at all. It blends in between the body and the lens better than you can imagine from the photos online.

The button layout is just perfect. For EM-5 users there will be a learning curve because the quick menu has more features (HDR options and so on). For example changing the power of the mini flash in manual mode is a bit harder than before. Some features share screen space and some settings need two button operation.

The main menu is almost identical but with a few changes here and there.

The best news is that the 1/320 sync speed is real. I tested it with a Nikon SB-910 in su-4 optical slave mode fired by the on camera mini flash in manual mode. The sync worked fine. My EM-5 does not go beyond 1/160 though the claim was 1/250.

The viewfinder is just perfect! Better than GH3 and EM-5.

The mode dial is perfect. But the main and sub dial have the same kind of hardness/softness to them as the EM-5. I wanted them to be a bit harder but they are not.

The new lens is a perfect marriage to the camera. But the m.zuiko 17mm lens works amazingly well.

May be it is just me but the eye detection in AF works a little better in EM-5. Most people wont even notice.

I was told that Olympus will not be releasing a silver version of EM-1 and 12-40 EVER! They have made a final decision on this in company meetings. All future 'pro labeled lenses will be black only as well.

All in all I can say that the camera is a winner and those who wait longer for price cuts will get more and more bang for their buck depending upon their patience and Olympus policies. Olympus are aware that the combo borderlines FF prices hence the free battery grip and adapter offers in EU based upon feedback from authorized sellers.

The rep told me that a m.zuiko version of the Olympus 150mm f2 lens is under development but the 40-150 f2.8 will come first.

If you have some questions. I can answer them for you.

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