In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless cameras are fundamentally better.

Kodachrome200 wrote:

I feel like the people who support mirror less feel like if they keep saying this it will become true. every EVF i have ever scene has been so terrible that it would almost always be preferable to use live view on the rear screen.

Given the cameras you listed, I'm somewhat baffled about this. I understand that it's largely a matter of preference, but I've found that the Sony and Olympus EVFs are excellent and don't suffer significant lag. Blackout is actually the bigger hassle; maybe that's what you're referring to? EVF blackout kinda sucks. Sony EVFs tend to block up shadow detail a bit, that also sucks. But these are temporary practical issues and at some level I have to trust the sensor.

here your are showing a very vague understanding of technology and photography. It has to preview something for you. an eve can ONLY show you a scene as interpreted by the sensor. you may be able to turn off previewing on the final shot is going to have but i can't imagine why. because whatever it is showing is some kind of preview.

OVFs are by nature fundamentally better for experienced photographers. They allow you to see reality and from that you can visualize what you will be able to get from the raw file. You cannot necessarily tel the difference between the levels of shadows and highlights when you are seeing them through the sensor previewing the image.

I actually sort of agree with you. An EVF is not reality and it is useful to see reality. However I differ in one key area -- I do not value reality through the OVF. Why not? Because I have a pair of eyes, neither of which is permanently attached to my camera. If we're talking about seeing reality, see it DIRECTLY. Why look at it through an imperfect prism and mirror?

Maybe this is a philosophical thing, but I found early on that it's very easy to get trapped inside the camera's world. Doesn't matter if it's EVF or OVF. I don't find it healthy to be finding images inside the viewfinder. I try (imperfectly) to find the image with my eyes, seeing the entire real world in front of me and finding the image I want. Then I set the camera to create that image.

So to be honest, I think your attitude towards the OVF represents an abuse of the camera rather than anything to do with the systems involved. I don't mean that as an insult, but IMO it is the wrong way to go about photography.

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