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nevada5 wrote:

Cheezr wrote:

My track record with Sony is not too good. 35 1.8 had odd focus problems and I returned it and now new 16-70 has had some hiccups (will give it a few days but if past experience is any guide it will have to go back). When Sony charges that kind of money for lenses, they should try them out before shipping.

As to your real question, ultimately refractive errors will be corrected in software to reduce the costs of the lenses. We are already seeing that in the low end and it will become the norm very quickly.

Progress can be a bitch!

Progress? Hmmmmm.

I've had my share of issues with Sony lenses as well. In my experiences with Pentax, Olympus, Canon and Panasonic I've only ever needed to return one lens - over about 30 years. But I've had to return four Sony lenses, all since December.

I have no idea what Sony's lens manufacturing process is like; I just can't believe it's state-of-the-art.

The Sigma factory tour article is very long, but these two paragraphs are noteworthy:

"One of the things that's remarkable about Sigma's manufacturing operations is the extent to which they're vertically integrated: Almost all production steps for their lenses occur in-house, including lens grinding, aspheric lens molding, metal machining of lens barrels and other components, injection molding -- including making their own injection dies -- optical coating, final assembly, and more."

"What's particularly remarkable about the new A1 MTF-testing systems is not so much the systems themselves (which are exceptional enough in their own right), but the way they're being used. All of Sigma's new "Global Vision" lenses are being tested 100% on A1 systems, with any that don't pass muster across the entire frame being rejected. As far as I can tell, this is an unprecedented level of QC for the lens industry"

I'll be looking more closely at buying Sigma lenses in the future.

This make sense that Sigma offer 5 years warranty on their lens but Sony is only 1 year. This provides me the idea that Sigma is more confident with their Q/C. I think Nikon is another one who offer 5 years warranty on their lens but not sure Cannon tho.

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