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Re: Mirrorless cameras are fundamentally better.

Dom K wrote:

Kodachrome200 wrote:

As I joined this forum I started to notice a lot of people talking about how dslrs were obsolete dinosaurs. This was news to me. I knew about mirrorless cameras but i never realized anyone was predicting that they would mean the complete end of the Dslr

Now I think the predicted death of the DSLR has been greatly exaggerated. I work as a professional photographer and I of course get to meet other people in my field all the time and they are still pretty happy with their Canon and Nikons. Now i have heard people in this forum say the pros use Canon and Nikon gear because they dont know any better. Now A. i think it is pretty presumptuous for folks pounding away on a camera forum to to tell the world that they know better than pro photographers and B. this is just not true. DSLRS have there own unique virtues. Just because it isnt the perfect camera for you does not mean it is right for a lot of people.

With the current state of the art, this is true; DSLRs can offer far superior autofocus performance, and OVFs do have certain advantages over EVFs. However, as OSPDAF and EVF technology improve, both of these advantages will disappear.

There are also issues with some specific mirrorless models currently on the market (e.g. poor ergonomics), but this will again improve as the market matures.

The fact is the current state of technology EVFs are sad little things that arent nearly up to alot of peoples standards.

This isn't true at all; by all accounts the current crop of EVFs are far better than the OVFs of entry-level DSLRs, and probably better than those of most semi-pro APS-C DSLRs too. FF OVFs are still better in some respects but EVFs can still hold their own very respectably. And again this is something that is sure to improve in the future.

I feel like the people who support mirror less feel like if they keep saying this it will become true. every EVF i have ever scene has been so terrible that it would almost always be preferable to use live view on the rear screen.

There plenty of valid reasons to want a full frame sensor.

And no valid reasons why only DSLRs can have one (look at the Leica M, and the upcoming FF Sony NEX).

The almost complete lack of professional zoom lenses in the mirrorless segment and other issues with lens choices are real problem for a lot of people.

Again, a temporary issue. There is no reason why professional-quality lenses cannot be made for mirrorless just as easily as for DSLRs; the currently available systems are simply not mature enough yet.

and you have to realize that alot people don't want small light cameras. Not everyone but a high end camera for traveling or for hiking. Sometimes ergonomics are more important than size.

There is no reason why mirrorless cameras need to be any smaller or lighter than DSLRs, and nor do they need to have poorer ergonomics. The only difference is that mirrorless cameras can be small and light - they don't need to be.

You do realize even if evfs become so good you cant tell the difference between them and reality they actually still may not be preferable to alot of people. I personally would rather not see exposure or white balance previewed in camera.

Then turn that option off, as you can do on current models. Although I can't really imagine why you wouldn't want to see what the photo you are about to take will actually look like, other than out of habit.

here your are showing a very vague understanding of technology and photography. It has to preview something for you. an eve can ONLY show you a scene as interpreted by the sensor. you may be able to turn off previewing on the final shot is going to have but i can't imagine why. because whatever it is showing is some kind of preview.

OVFs are by nature fundamentally better for experienced photographers. They allow you to see reality and from that you can visualize what you will be able to get from the raw file. You cannot necessarily tel the difference between the levels of shadows and highlights when you are seeing them through the sensor previewing the image.

and even if everyone decided to get cameras with evfs most pro's and a lot of other people would choose ones that were no smaller than current full frame cameras and they would have full frame sensors.

This I agree with (although I think it's rather presumptuous to declare that "most" pros will do as you will). I would certainly prefer a camera with better ergonomics over one with a small body (especially since most lenses are too large to allow such cameras to be truly pocketable anyway). Given the popularity of "big" cameras I think there will continue to be a market for such cameras in the mirrorless segment (as evidenced by Sony's new E-mount A3000, and rumoured professional models to come)

its not presumptuous I have met and talked shop with hundreds of people in my trade i am qualified to make and educated guess here

I suspect they will be made my canon and nikon and use the same lens mount we are currently using.

I think this is very unlikely. Canon and Nikon currently produce two of the most lacklustre mirrorless systems. As for using the same lens mount, that would be ludicrous; once OSPDAF is perfected, DSLR lenses should be able to AF just as quickly on a mirrorless body with a first-party adapter as on a DSLR, and without the mirror, there is no point in retaining the very large flange distance of DSLRs. A change in flange distance necessitates a different lens mount.

i virtually garuntee whatever the future of pro cameras are they will be made by canon and nikon and will be fully compatible with current lenses either as they are or via adapters. If the ovfs go away in pro cameras it is not going to happen because the current mirror less systems overthrew them. it is going to happen because canon and nikon evolve the there dslr line into something that doesn't use mirrors anymore. something vaguely slt like but without a mirror in it. Though i think people using dslrs are going to go on preferring the ovfs they have. the big 2 are in no danger. Right now they are suffering like all camera makers but the dslrs they make are still the most lucrative products on the market.

Clearly Mirrorless cameras are going to have there share of the market dslrs used to dominate. but just like i really doubt cell phones are going to kill compact cameras, i think Dslrs are going to be around a long time

You may be right there; it will take a while for all the new technology to catch up to the old, and much longer for people to give up holding on to their "traditional" cameras; but it's inevitable that it will happen eventually.

The shorter flange distance of mirrorless cameras allows them to use almost any lens ever made, as well as allowing more flexibility in the design of wide-angle lenses, and allowing bodies to be made smaller and lighter if desired. DSLRs offer none of these advantages, and the only advantages they do still hold (Better AF, and to some extent the use of OVFs) will inevitably be overtaken at some point in the future.

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