Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

agentul wrote:

stimpy wrote:

But I get your point about Panasonic, who wants a camera from the same guys who made your microwave and the wife's hair dryer eh...

well, they also made those awesome Technics audio gear that was used back in the day, but you'd have to either be underground or have a deeper conversation than "give me money" with your parents to know that

Yeah, but Technics was founded back in the days when Panasonic didn't market itself aggressively as Panasonic overseas and was still known as Matsushita locally. Technics, to most people, is just Technics. Few hip hop DJs were going around saying they were rocking Panasonic turntables. The brand loyalty was to Technics only.

I think Panasonic are doing well by making the Panasonic name a bit less prominent on their Lumix gear. It's just that I think of Panasonic as a company that makes everything with a little better feature set and a little better price than Sony. That's hardly a sexy image. Nobody ever compared Technics to anyone; they stood alone. They were the best and the name Technics had some fanatical support, and you didn't see the word "Panasonic" all over them. Lumix isn't a brand name that means as much to people, hence they have a better chance at being recognized as a luxury camera brand as Lumix.

p.s. On that note, it's stupid of Nikon to try to sell a $1000+ camera with the similar name as the worst of the worst Coolpix cameras.

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