Some shots with the Rokkor 58mm f/1.2

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Re: Some shots with the Rokkor 58mm f/1.2

boardsy wrote:

Lovely shots, Rokkor lenses seem to love flowers!

Viewing at 100% I see "crunchy" sharpening of the out of focus areas, though it's not so noticeable at regular web sizes. What's your sharpening method? With Unsharp Mask you might consider decreasing your radius, and maybe increasing your threshold, to try and avoid sharpening OOF pixels, or else try selectively sharpening the flowers and not the backgrounds?

With Photoshop Unsharp Mask on a sharp 2048x1363 image I find that up to 500% / 0.2 px / 0 threshold works very well for extra-fine detail, but if I need to increase the radius size to 0.3 then the OOF gets 'hit' and I need to raise the threshold to around 8, and reduce the amount to 300-400% (depending on the image). I might go further to avoid haloes, and carefully select only the object I want sharpened.

Or maybe it's not an issue for you; if so ignore all this!

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Yeah, for better or worse, I’ve forced myself not to pixel-peep (at 100%) while post processing, unless of course, I’m planning on making oversized prints.

That said, I always have a desire to learn better technique(s) and very much appreciate the feedback. Maybe I’ll play around with the sliders in LR on a few of these shots to gain a better understanding on how I can improve the look of the out-of-focus areas, which is obviously one of the key selling points of this particular lens. Regarding selective sharpening, I’ve done it on a few shots in the past, but it can add quite a bit to the workflow and certainly requires a light touch.

Thanks again, and great shot/processing, BTW.


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