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The absurdity of the argument is easy to demonstrate

lylejk wrote:

Sources, not that it would matter to leftest like you.



At the time, the documents were classified, but, my Dad continued to tell me since I was a child that FDR knew. FDR's a traitor and nearly a dictator. They passed an ammendment to keep that from ever happening again.

Of course, the Fox news story only hinted and even gave FDR a pass for Pearl Harbor; I will never do so.

If Roosevelt needed an "excuse" to go to war with Japan, the very act of Japan TRYING to attack Pearl Harbor would have been more then good enough. Whether Hawaii was ready for an attack or unready for an attack Made No Difference!

So, the supposed lack of "warning" is a complete joke.

If the headline had read, "Pearl Harbor beats off treacherous Japanese attack" that would have meant no war with Japan? 

Not only that, but Japan also launched simultanious attacks in many parts of the Pacific.

The theory that Roosevelt knew, or planned it, is absurd on it's face.


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