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Ah Boris

BorisK1 wrote:

lylejk, Chato is a self-proclaimed Socialist. Socialists *love* to bleat about the virtues of sacrifice and of pitfalls of greed. In Soviet Union, you *couldn't get away* from that bleating. It was constant and pervasive. Chato would love to be a spigot in the great machine and be proud of his sacrifice.

And don't bring religion into this. Ayn Rand spoke out against the *institutionalized* sacrifice. When you have a whole nation of altruists, indoctrinated to the bone, and humble Chato, leading them into the bright and selfless future. Because he must.

A pipe and mustache might go out of style, but great ideals keep on killing people.

Clearly you wouldn't throw a rope to a drowning man if it meant the loss of a nickel.

Altruism is the oldest of human virtues, and you make fun of it. Call it a "Marxist Idea" as if it needed Marx to "invent it."

Well, sorry Boris, you may take the money ofF old ladies when you know you wont get caught. You might steal the medicine of dying people to resell for your own profit. But in THIS world, we call that the behavior of a Psychopath.

Now, in your twisted and SICK world view, anything I say is the result of being a Communist. Sorry, unlike you I THINK FOR MYSELF!


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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