Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

s_grins wrote:

I can't understand what the reason of the post? Is it an anger related to youtube promotional?

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What anger ? How could I be angry at someone I don't know, if anything I feel pity, that poor man was way out of his comfort zone. There's no space for anger in this kind of situation, I just wanted to share a little slice of the reality that surrounds mirrorless and the factual ignorance of the common consumer, even after 5 years. That ¨journalist¨(?) is the perfect representative of how deep Pany and Oly's marketing have reached people's mind, how can I be angry at the victim of such failures, If anything I'm angry or rather disappointed at Pany & oly marketing departments.

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